Intercultural communication

4h CPD

This module provides you with the skills needed to develop and expand your own strategies for dealing with cultural differences in the workplace. Whether you are a nurse, midwife or carer, work in a hospital, clinic, aged-care facility, home-based care, in-flight, or anywhere else in Australia - you come across people from different backgrounds to yourself on a daily basis. This may be a patient who arrived in Australia as a refugee or migrant, an internationally trained doctor or nurse (or an Australian-born team member if you are a migrant yourself), a very young person, a transgendered person or simply a patient without your health background.  Sometimes these interactions are fulfilling and successful. But at other times, differences can cause frustration and even get in the way of positive medical outcomes. 

These chapters give you a chance to think about how you talk and act with people from different backgrounds, and how they talk and act with you. You will find a number of strategies throughout the four chapters that may be useful in diminishing frustration and increasing both medical and interpersonal success. However, the goal of this program is not to provide blanket solutions for every difficult situation but to give you the skills to develop your own specific strategies, using your own workplace experiences, personal styles and values.

All four chapters begin with an introduction and some conceptual background. From there they allow you to move quickly into watching videos, reading stories and doing interactive work on self-assessing your own cultural frameworks and on expanding your hypothesis testing skills concerning other people’s cultural frameworks and intentions.

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