Caring for mothers with viral hepatitis

3h CPD

Viral hepatitis affects approximately 500,000 people in Australia.  In this module we focus on viral hepatitis for mother and baby in maternal and child health settings, antenatal, perinatal, postnatal and neonatal health-care settings. 

We focus on this aspect for several reasons:

  • Hepatitis B (and to some degree, hepatitis C) can be transmitted in pregnancy and (more importantly) during birth.
  • As every pregnant woman in Australia is tested antenatally for hepatitis B, this may be the first time women are diagnosed. This means they need support to understand the diagnosis and to be cared for in a specialized way during their pregnancy.
  • Transmission of hepatitis B to the baby can be prevented with appropriate management in pregnancy including for some women antiviral therapy.
  • It is very important that women who are being treated for hepatitis C with the new oral treatments are screened for pregnancy and if they have started and become pregnant cease taking the treatment.

On completion of this module, you should be able to:

  1. Describe the health impacts of viral hepatitis. 

  2. Identify transmission routes for viral hepatitis (B and C).

  3. Identify at risk groups for hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

  4. Identify the tests to diagnose hepatitis B and C.

  5. Describe how hepatitis is transmitted during pregnancy and birth.

  6. Explain the medical measures available to prevent potential hepatitis transmission from mother to baby.

  7. Explain to the mother living with hepatitis during pregnancy what care she should receive before during and after pregnancy.

  8. Counsel pregnant women about hepatitis whose hepatitis status is known.

  9. Counsel pregnant women about hepatitis whose hepatitis status is revealed from a test when pregnant.

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