Managing problematic drug use

2h CPD

This course is designed to introduce you to working with patients who present with problems associated with drug use other than alcohol. Regardless of what nursing setting you are working in, you will inevitably come across patients who present with problematic drug use. Some patients will present intoxicated, or with injuries or illnesses directly caused by drug use. Other patients will have drug problems that are secondary to their presenting medical issues, for example, people with diabetes, cancer, or heart disease.  Drug use may be a contributing or causal factor in many of these. As a nurse, you are in a position where you are able to identify, assess and assist patients in addressing drug problems.

On completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Outline the incidence of drug use

  2. Describe different methods of classifying psychoactive drugs and the consequences of drug use;

  3. Explain homeostasis and the biological basis of drug tolerance, dependence and withdrawal;

  4. Briefly discuss the science of addiction;

  5. Discuss nursing management strategies required for intoxication and withdrawal states in drug using populations.

Please note: The contents of this module will no longer be accessible once completed.

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