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September 2020 View all »
 30/09/2020 Older people have families too: how to care for them
October 2020 View all »
 08/10/2020 Clinical decision making - thinking more like a nurse
 09/10/2020 Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration (RRCD)
 12/10/2020 Strengthening leadership and management skills: two-day workshop
November 2020 View all »
 11/11/2020 Promoting mental health, addressing individual needs: a course for nurses and personal care workers in aged care
 12/11/2020 ECG - cardiac rhythm recognition and 12-lead ECG
 13/11/2020 Advanced 12-lead ECG
December 2020 View all »
 07/12/2020 Advanced clinical assessment and management of the critically unwell person: two-day workshop (ACAMCU)
 09/12/2020 Pain and the older person: partnership precedes prescription