Details and Registration

7h CPD

Advanced 12 Lead ECG

This course builds on knowledge gained from the Cardiac Rhythm & 12 Lead ECG interpretation course offered.

It is suited for those nurses in critical care areas, who have previously attended the Cardiac Rhythm & 12 Lead ECG course  or have good knowledge of systematic ECG interpretation.

Course Content includes:

  1.  Review of electrophysiology, Review of Cardiac rhythms,
  2.  Review of 12 Lead ECG Interpretation
  3.  Lead placement and groupings
  4.  Recognizing ischaemic and infarction changes
  5.  Detecting (R) Ventricular & Posterior wall STEMI
  6.  Management of ACS
  7.  Causes & calculation of Axis deviation (and the significance)
  8.  Bundle branch blocks
  9.  Unusual ECG occurrences (PE, Pericarditis, WPW syndrome, Dig toxicity, Hyperkalaemia etc)

Member $200, Non-member $280, Job Rep or SIG member $190, Friday 11 October 2019, 9.00am-4.30pm

 Date Venue Sessions
 Fri, 11 Oct 2019 ANMF Melbourne Start Date: 11/10/2019 09:00:00 am
End Date: 11/10/2019 16:30:00 pm
Venue: ANMF Melbourne Presenter: Simon Plapp