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12h CPD

Law & ethics for registered and enrolled nurses

Law and ethics directly impact nursing and midwifery practice in a myriad of ways. This seminar is designed to refresh nurses’ understanding of the fundamentals of the law and the legislation that impact nursing practice. Included is an outline of legal precepts, documents, scope of practice of registered and enrolled nurses and midwives and the legal and ethical principles of nursing and midwifery practice. 

The seminar includes:

Session 1 – Introduction to the Legal System in Australia - including discussions on the foundation of law in Australia, our court system, different types of legal charges and the role of the Office of the Health Complaints Commissioner in Victoria and the role of tribunals in the legal system.

Session 2 – AHPRA - which includes an outline the legal and regulatory framework in which nurses and midwives practice. Discusses the National Law as it applies to nurses and midwives and a description of the nursing and midwifery registration standards, mandatory reporting requirements and the role of codes and guidelines in practice. Finally this session includes potential outcomes from an AHPRA notification disciplinary action and the role of VCAT in this process.

Session 3 – Scope of Practice Professional boundaries - including a definition of duty of care, scope of practice decision making framework, the place of organizational policy and procedure in scope of practice decision making, defining the terms unprofessional behaviour and professional misconduct and the implications for practice, the four professional boundary areas and identifying potential boundary crossing behaviours  in nursing and midwifery practice.

Session 4 – Consent, Trespass, False Imprisonment and Restraint - including discussions on the legal concepts related to consent in health care, the types of and principles of obtaining valid consent, outlines of the concepts of trespass, assault and false imprisonment and discussions on the legalities and ethics of restraint in health care.

Session 5 – Confidentiality Privacy Use of Social Media - including discussions on the legal requirements of confidentiality and privacy within the context of health care, the limitations to confidentiality, the legal privacy principles that apply in Victoria, the AHPRA social media policy, appropriate social media use policy and principles of using social media for nurses and midwives.

Session 6 – Coroner Medical Treatment Legislation - including the Coroners Act and the role of the Coroner, reportable/reviewable deaths, the elements of the Medical Treatment Act, including the right to refuse treatment and not for resuscitation orders, Power of Attorney and Guardianship, the role of Advanced Care Directives related to access to/refusal of treatment.

Session 7 – Documentation and Medications - including the principles of nursing/midwifery documentation, legal aspects of medication management, differences in medication scope of practice relevant to nursing and midwifery registration type and education qualifications and the EN scope of practice in relation to medicines management.

Session 8 – Negligence and Ethics -  including discussions on the principles of professional negligence and related legal elements, principles of ethical decision making in nursing and midwifery, ethical theories relevant to nursing and midwifery, principles of ethics to health care, euthanasia elements and arguments and the legal status of euthanasia in Australia and worldwide.

Member $400, Non-member $550, Job Rep $380

Please note this seminar runs over two days 20 & 21 January 2020, from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

 Date Venue Sessions
 Mon, 20 Jan 2020 ANMF Melbourne Start Date: 20/01/2020 09:30:00 am
End Date: 20/01/2020 16:30:00 pm
Venue: ANMF Melbourne Presenter: Lorraine Walker

Start Date: 21/01/2020 09:30:00 am
End Date: 21/01/2020 16:30:00 pm
Venue: ANMF Melbourne Presenter: Lorraine Walker